As catchers, it is our responsibility to be the captain of the field.  Defense is our priority. We are involved in every play on defense and we are the only person who can directly impact half of our team…  that half is our pitching staff.  We have to LEAD them.  We have to SERVE them.  We have to COMPETE for them.  That means we have to know our pitchers better than anyone and we have to know the opponent’s hitters as well as we can in order to make smart, educated decisions on how to call  pitches to get those hitters out.


- John Nester





This is a great way for catchers to improve their game using video analysis.  Everyone has a high quality video camera built right into their cell phones and by simply taking short clips of yourself doing drill work, catching bullpens, and catching in games and passing them along to John, he can analyze, make corrections, and provide addition drills to help you take your game behind home plate to the next level.  You will also receive access to a video library full of MLB clips and drill video. 

Submit up to 8 videos per month for analysis and instruction.

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